Welcome to Cell Biology (BIOL4004/GCD4005W). In addition to this site, the course will also use a Moodle for grading purposes: Moodle

Course Location and Meeting Times

Lectures: 8-8:50 AM, M,W,F
                (01/18/2017 - 5/012/2017)

Location: Molecular Cellular Biology Building
                 Room 2-122

Instructor and TA office hours can found by following this link

Supplemental Material

Slides, overheads, and figures that are not found in your text may be found in the Study Guides and Assignments section of the website. Be sure to check for posted material after each lecture. This is the location where you will also find homework assignments and study guides. This material is NOT a substitute for attending lectures. It is intended to aid your learning of the topics covered in the course.

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